What is TALON?

TALON was created to provide training, knowledge, and experience to individuals that wanted to take control of their own protection and training.

Our Law Enforcement program is focused on developing each officer through enhanced training - allowing our guardians to better protect themselves and the community they serve.

We focus on the key fundamentals of:



The Skillsets

Personal Protection

From situational awareness and avoidance,

to creating a safe environment, and tactics

to employ should the need arise.

Firearms Training

Basics to Advanced, Pistol to Rifle, Short

Course to Long Range, Weapon Platform Knowledge and Respect

Engagement Tactics

How to avoid situations, how to control situations, how to work with others and

within a team environment

Who are our services designed for...

Our courses are designed to build a solid foundation from the ground up for beginners and challenge even the most advanced warriors in expanding their skills.


  • Civilians with little to no training
  • Civilians with basic knowledge
  • Women Based Classes
  • Mature Children
    • Must be interviewed before taking class
    • Must be accompanied by parent or guardian at all times
    • Designed for safety and respect of firearms first
    • Must have a reason for taking class - this is not a game


  • Civilians with formal training
  • Prior Military / LEO
  • Competitive Shooters


  • Military
  • Law Enforcement
  • Executive Protection
  • Protection Contractors

"The only person responsible for your safety and that of your loved ones...


- Thom Cameron, President

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Mailing Address

1301 S. Mulberry Street

Eastland, TX 76448

Phone Number

(254) 488-1422

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